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Publication Tips

Working Tips:

    Matthew Pearson’s (UC Davis) guide to Surviving the First-Year of grad school.

    Writing Tips:

    John Cochrane’s (Chicago) recommendations for academic writing: Writing Tips for PhD Students.

    Publishing Tips:

    John Creedy’s (Melbourne) introduction to the publishing process: From Manuscript to Publication.

    Post Doctoral Career Tips:

    Harvard’s Information for Graduate Students on the Job Market.

    John Cawley’s (Cornell) manual A Guide and Advice for Economists on the US Junior Academic Job Market.

    Hisham Foad’s (San Diego State) job-landing guide Memoirs of a Job Market Candidate.

    Paul Oyer (Stanford) on the luck factor in career success: The Macro-Foundations of Microeconomics: Initial Labor Market Conditions and Long-Term Outcomes for Econmoists and MBAs.

    Job Market Rumors and the Interview / Flyout and Offer wikis, run by mysterious benefactor “Tatonnement.

    A list of useful websites with academic job offers:

    Thanks Econ-phd.net and T.Roulet for most of those tips

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    1. karin_s_ivertsen@yahoo.com

      Add to writing tips:

      William Zinsser book: “On writing well”
      Paul J. Silvia book: “How to write a lot”
      Anne Sigmund Huff book: “Writing for scholarly publication”
      Joseph M. Moxley book: “Publish don’t perish”

      Helpful Phrasebank : http://www.phrasebank.manchester.ac.uk/index.htm

      Add to useful job sites:

      Academic job offers in Europe (predominantly in scandinavian countries): http://www.universitypositions.eu/

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